The Apple Round

The finest snack known to humanity.

The finest snack known to humanity.

I will tut at anyone in the cinema eating popcorn these days. Worse still are the ones eating a hotdog or nachos. You don’t have to eat to enjoy a film, but if you’re committing to 24 hours straight then you need to be prepared, and probably the stalwart snack of any session has to be the humble Apple Round. It combines a near-savoury pastry with a sweet centre,  and best of all, that centre is apple, therefore a fruit, therefore healthy.

You get six to a pack and they don’t go stale if left open for more than a day unlike custard creams for example which go soft within five hours. Then there’s the texture. Texture is all-important with any snack and with the Apple Round you have a crunch from the edges and a soft centre. Finally there’s the question of price. In our early days these humble snacks would be 60p – now you can get them in Poundland (They cost a pound) but they’re not the best quality and if you have an Iceland near you then definitely pay the £1.15 for the better ones.

Only buy one pack. There’s no point spoiling yourself.

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