Busting (Peter Hyams, 1974)

Fans of ‘Freebie And The Bean’ would do well to check out 1974’s “Busting”, with Elliot Gould and Robert Blake.

Directed by cinema’s ultimate ‘Metteur en Scene’ – Peter Hyams – it’s a bleak buddy-cop movie set in the seedy streets of Los Angeles.

Have to report that it was an engrossing watch, with an unpredictable script. One of those films you feel like you are peering in on, rather than it being made for your benefit. The stand-out reason for watching is it’s unrelenting pessimism.

Nothing eerily prescient in Blake’s performance that would foreshadow the details of his later murder conviction. Although he does have an unlit cigarette on his lip throughout this film, so if he committed his heinous crime with an unlit cigarette on his lip (I can’t be bothered to look into this), then it is eerily prescient.

Genre fans will note the appearance of Antonio Fargas and Sid Haig in a couple of scenes.



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